What To Expect From Yoga

Classes will begin with a short period of settling and centering, helping students let go of their day so far and allowing them to be fully present on the mat.

The main portion of the class will involve posture work and breathing exercises with an emphasis on the mindful placement of students' attention.  There will be a focus on alignment and moving within a comfortable range of motion as students are led through traditional yoga postures and short flowing sequences.

The class will close with time dedicated to guided relaxation or meditation, allowing the benefits of the practice to manifest and enabling the body and mind to experience deep relaxation.

This fully-rounded and balanced class structure will provide benefits on physical, mental and energetic levels.

Classes are suitable for those of all abilities.  Modifications can be offered wherever necessary and all postures can be adapted to suit the individual.

Please wear comfortable clothes to class and bring a mat if you have one.

Learn Yoga With Chloe Snowdon